The Ultimate Frośe Experience

Indulge in Frozen Delights with The Frośe Bar

Our Special Touch

Why Choose The Frośe Bar?


Creative Frozen Cocktails

Crafted with unique flavors, our frozen cocktails are a hit at any event, adding a touch of sophistication and fun.


Personalized Service

We tailor our service to your event, ensuring every detail is taken care of, so you can relax and enjoy the celebration.


Inclusive Menu

From adult cocktails to kid-friendly mocktails, our menu caters to all tastes, making every event enjoyable for guests of all ages.

Our Story

About The Frośe Bar

Founded with a passion for creating memorable experiences, The Frośe Bar brings a unique blend of sophistication and fun to every event.

Discover Our Frośe Menu

Treats for Every Occasion


Chilled concoctions with a twist

Frozen Cocktails

Your favourites in frozen form


Non-alcoholic beverages with flair


We provide a variety of packages to accommodate all events, including customizable options tailored to your specific needs.

Tiny Sips
Mini Sips
Small Sips
Frośe the day
Frośe all day
Frośe all the way
Frośe your way
Why Choose Us

Why Frośe Bar Stands Out

We offer a one-of-a-kind frozen experience that combines elegance with a fun twist, setting the stage for unforgettable celebrations.

Elegance with a Twist
Memorable Experiences
Tailored Celebrations

Join the Frośe Frenzy

Don’t miss out on our unique frośe and slushie bar services, book now and add a frosty touch to your next event!

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